Our Coalition

The Center for Prison Reform (CPR) is a coalition of like-minded groups. When you participate us as a coalition ally:

  • It’s good for our cause. The more voices we have, the more moral authority we have and attention we can bring to this issue. Together we have far more clout to lobby politicians and make our case in the media.
  • Are you a national level group, but prison reform is not your key mission? Our dedication to a single issue — prison reform — gives us impact and helps you with your synergistic goals without requiring you to take on the entire issue yourself.
  • Are you a local group? Speak and be heard nationally through your influence in our coalition. Impress your members and donors with a piece of national-level clout you have through us.
  • Do you work outside of politics? Let the CPR be your political wing. We take your idea and make them happen in the political sphere, locally and nationally
  • Do you provide services to prisons or offenders? Let us integrate you into our umbrella of recommended organizations that support the system. We’ll match you to needs.
  • Get access to national resources for your local issues. As a national group, the CPR draws the world’s foremost academics and authors who study prison reform. Now these resources are available to you.

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