Our Mission


Should prison be a Hell on Earth to deter criminals? It doesn’t work. Research shows that most criminals never think they’ll get caught. Instead, prisons should help reform nonviolent offenders to become productive, non-reoffending members of society.

Not every nonviolent offender deserves a break, but US prisons are overcrowded, waste taxpayer money, and fail to integrate offenders back to society. Recidivism rates are as high as 75%. The fact is that not all prisoners are alike. Some deserve extra attention. Some deserve extra leniency. They all deserve a system that is shown to work with effective metrics and oversight.

The Center for Prison Reform is more than just an advocacy group. We are a coalition of like-minded partners that support prison reform at every stage of the process:

  • A think tank of leading academic and author experts in public policy
  • A nationwide alliance of non-profit, political, and faith-based groups
  • A resource list of books, research papers, demographic surveys, and polls
  • A lobby that educates politicians and advocates in public forums
  • An investigative team that rates politicians’ records and prisons’ effectiveness
  • A support network for prisons that need to learn best practices
  • A matchmaker for prisons and courts that need help from non-profits and faith-based groups

Learn how you can make a difference:

  • As a coalition partner
  • As a volunteer
  • As a donor
  • As a grassroots activist