1 in 100a blog dedicated to shedding light on the prison problem in America
AACAPAACAP is the leading national medical association dedicated to treating families affected by childhood and adolescent mental illnesses. Follow/RT endorsement.
AACONSTopical political commentary from cultural & conservative perspectives. Hashtags #acon & #AACON. Radio shows: http://bit.ly/aPhDjd & http://bit.ly/ca16Xr #TCOT
ACLU National Prison ProjectHandle class action suits involving prison conditions and related issues in state and federal institutions. Litigation is usually limited to cases involving major class actions challenging prison conditions or otherwise of national significance. Also provide advice and materials to individuals or organizations involved in prison issues. Do not handle cases on behalf of individual prisoners or post-conviction cases. Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ)
AFPLower taxes, more economic freedom! Together with over 2.3 million activists we are advancing prosperity for every American. RT does not = endorsement
ALECALEC is the nations largest individual membership association of state legislators, supporting limited government, free markets and federalism.
ASIAN LAW CAUCUSThe mission of the Asian Law Caucus is to promote, advance, and represent the legal and civil rights of Asian and Pacific Islander (API) communities. Recognizing that social, economic, political and racial inequalities continue to exist in the United States, the Asian Law Caucus is committed to the pursuit of equality and justice for all sectors of our society, with a specific focus directed toward addressing the needs of low-income, immigrant and underserved APIs. Since the vast majority of Asians and Pacific Islanders in America are immigrants and refugees, the Caucus strives to create informed and educated communities empowered to assert their rights and to participate actively in American society. This perspective is reflected in our broad strategy which integrates the provision of legal services, educational programs, community organizing initiatives and advocacy. www.asianlawcaucus.org To Get Connected
AbbyRe-thinking the U.S. Criminal Justice System
Act for Juvenile Justice! CoalitionACT 4 Juvenile Justice (ACT4JJ) is a campaign of the National Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Coalition composed of juvenile justice, child welfare and youth development organizations exploring opportunities related to the reauthorization of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act (JJDPA), scheduled for 2007.
Alcoholics Anonymous
Ali A. AkbarI build organizations and network good people together. Professionally in politics, content, design and technology. Lead @ViceAndVictory and @Club.
Allen WestFormer Congressman, retired Army Lieutenant Colonel and author of Guardian of the Republic
AlterNetAlterNet is a progressive news magazine and online community http://t.co/f4LPGamU
American Bar Association, Juvenile Justice CommitteeThe American Bar Association Juvenile Justice Committee develops Continuing Legal Education programs for juvenile justice practitioners, develops policies to further national juvenile justice reform, and coordinates selection of the Livingston Hall Juvenile Justice Award. This website contains information on the ABA position on numerous issues related to juvenile justice as well as current juvenile justice news.
American COThe mission and purpose of American Correctional Officer is to promote the well being and safety of publicly employed Correctional Officers.
American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)See the listing of state affiliates for services available in your area.
American Correctional Association (ACA)The American Correctional Association offers training, support and operational standards to correctional facilities. RT endorsement.
American Diabetes AssociationThe American Diabetes Association provides educational resources about diabetes to prisoners and information about the legal rights of prisoners with diabetes. Information is available in English and Spanish. The American Diabetes Association does not provide direct legal representation.
American Institutes for ResearchAIRs mission is to conduct and apply the best behavioral and social science research and evaluation towards improving peoples lives, with a special emphasis on the disadvantaged.
American JusticeThe most sacred duties of a government is to do equal and impartial justice to all its citizens.
American Probation and Parole AssociationThe American Probation and Parole Association is an international association composed of members from the United States, Canada and other countries actively involved with probation, parole and community-based corrections, in both adult and juvenile sectors. All levels of government including local, state/provincial, legislative, executive, judicial, and federal agencies are counted among its constituents. Educators, volunteers and concerned citizens with an interest in criminal and juvenile justice are also among APPAs members.
American Psychiatric FoundationAt the American Psychiatric Foundation (APF), our mission is advancing mental health, overcoming mental illness, and eliminating stigma.
American Psychological Association
American UniversityAmerican University creates meaningful change in the world. With highly ranked schools and colleges and internationally recognized faculty, AU offers a balance between class time and career-advancing experience in Washington, D.C., and beyond. Its students, among the countrys most politically active, distinguish themselves for their service, leadership, and ability to rethink global and domestic challenges and opportunities.
Amnesty InternationalAn independent worldwide movement working for the international protection of human rights. Seeks the release of men and women detained because of their beliefs, ethnic origin, language, or religious creed, provided they have not used violence (prisoners of conscience). Works for a fair and prompt trial for all political prisoners and work on behalf of such people detained without charge or trial. Opposes the death penalty, torture or other inhumane treatment of prisoners. For prisoners who have been ill-treated by prison personnel, will provide a Questionnaire on Torture and Ill-treatment. (Do not send transcripts.) Publishes numerous reports on human-rights violations around the world, including death-penalty reports. Write for complete list. All AI reports are available on the website.
AmnestyInternationalWelcome to the official profile of the International Secretariat of Amnesty International. Find out about our human rights campaigns and get involved!
Anthropoliteiacritical perspectives on police, security, crime, law and punishment around the world
AntiPrison AntiHarmAnti-Prison, Anti-Harm: We are the campaign to end Mass Incarceration and the Prison Industrial Complex.
BLACK COALITION ON AIDSThe Black Coalition on AIDS (BCA) focuses on reducing health disparities in the Black community, most notably, the spread of HIV/AIDS. BCA strives to achieve this focus by providing health and wellness services including, but not limited to, transitional housing, health education, advocacy, health case management and other health-promoting activities. www.bcoa.org To Get Connected
Bazelon Center for Mental Health LawThe mission of the Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law is to protect and advance the rights of adults and children who have mental disabilities. The Center envisions an America where people who have mental illnesses or developmental disabilities exercise their own life choices and have access to the resources that enable them to participate fully in their communities. The Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law uses a coordinated approach of litigation, policy analysis, coalition-building, public information and technical support for local advocates in four broad areas of advocacy: advancing community membership; promoting self-determination; ending the punishment of people with mental illnesses for the system failures; and preserving rights.
Between the BarsBobby Hossain a Youth Worker, Motivational Speaker and Author of Between The Bars. His Passion is helping offenders find the Ability To Change.....
Beyond Bars@BraveNewFilms: Justice campaign to end mass incarceration in the U.S. Join us in promoting fairer, more cost-effective approaches to public safety.
Bikers Against Child AbuseBikers Against Child Abuse (BACA) exists with the intent to create a safer environment for abused children. We exist as a body of Bikers to empower children to not feel afraid of the world in which they live. We stand ready to lend support to our wounded friends by involving them with an established, united organization. We work in conjunction with local and state officials who are already in place to protect children. We desire to send a clear message to all involved with the abused child that this child is part of our organization, and that we are prepared to lend our physical and emotional support to them by affiliation, and our physical presence. We stand at the ready to shield these children from further abuse. We do not condone the use of violence or physical force in any manner, however, if circumstances arise such that we are the only obstacle preventing a child from further abuse, we stand ready to be that obstacle.
Bruce ReillyLegal strategist, policy consultant, activist, and artist organizing nationally to beat back the Prison Industrial Complex. From prison to law school, and...
Bryant McGillBest-Selling Author, Speaker and Activist in the Fields of Self-Development, Personal Freedom & Human Rights http://t.co/Smd16g0RLB http://t.co/FukrZvWW2g
Building Blocks for YouthBuilding Blocks for Youth was a partnership between the Youth Law Center, American Bar Association Juvenile Justice Center, W. Haywood Burns Institute, Juvenile Law Center, Justice Policy Institute, Minorities in Law Enforcement, National Council on Crime and Delinquency, and Pretrial Services Resource Center. The goals of the initiative were to reduce overrepresentation and disparate treatment of youth of color in the justice system and promote fair, rational and effective juvenile justice policies. The site contains pertinent resources on DMC.
Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of JusticeBJAs mission is to provide leadership and services in grant administration and criminal justice policy development to support local, state, and tribal justice strategies to achieve safer communities. BJA supports programs and initiatives in the areas of law enforcement, justice information sharing, countering terrorism, managing offenders, combating drug crime and abuse, adjudication, advancing tribal justice, crime prevention, protecting vulnerable populations, and capacity building.
CBKBankThe Cost-Benefit Knowledge Bank provides information on cost-benefit analysis in the field of criminal justice.
CIRJournalism that makes a difference. Presented by The Center for Investigative Reporting, a nonprofit newsroom. Tweets by @colegoins @meghannCIR @juliachanb.
CJACampaigning to end prison overcrowding and reduce the prison population. We are an alliance of 70 organisations in crime and justice field.
CROCUSThe Center for Research on Children in the United States (CROCUS) was established in 2001 with start-up funds from the Foundation for Child Development and is joint venture between the Georgetown Public Policy (GPPI) and the Georgetown University Department of Psychology. CROCUS places significant emphasis on graduate education, combining training in public policy analysis with coursework in developmental psychology to offer an unusual educational program to students seeking careers at the intersection of developmental science and public policy. CROCUS research is primarily focused on early childhood education, including research on pre-K programs, child care programs, and Head Start. Faculty and students have also examined child traffic fatalities, juvenile justice, and the strategies of child advocacy groups, among other research projects. The current focus of CROCUS is the Oklahoma Pre-K program, which now reaches a higher percentage of four-year-olds than any other pre-K program in the U.S.
Campaign for Prison Phone JusticeThe Campaign for Prison Phone Justice is challenging prison phone kickbacks and the U.S. Prison Telephone Industry.
Campaign for Youth JusticeThe Campaign for Youth Justice is a national campaign dedicated to ending the practice of trying, sentencing and incarcerating children under the age of 18 in the adult criminal justice system by empowering those moved to act for justice.
Carl DixCarl Dix, Vietnam-era war resister,revolutionary & speaker, and co-founder, October 22nd Coalition to Stop Police Brutality, & Stop Mass Incarceration Network.
Casey Family ProgramsCasey Family Programs is the nations largest operating foundation focused on safely reducing the need for foster care and building Communities of Hope for children and families across America. Founded in 1966, we work in 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico to influence long-lasting improvements to the safety and success of children, families and the communities where they live.
Center for Children and FamiliesThe Center for Children and Families (CCF) is uniquely focused on the pressing issues of lack of health insurance for children and low income adults. It develops and disseminates research, strategies and ideas to improve the health of Americas low and moderate income children and families. In particular, the Center examines policies and implementation issues with respect to Medicaid and the State Childrens Health Insurance Program (SCHIP), employer-based coverage, and public-private coverage initiatives. CCF also analyzes and monitors how federal policy developments and state-based initiatives are affecting the health care coverage of Americas families. CCF is based in Georgetown University Health Policy Institute.
Center for Childrens Law and PolicyThe Center for Childrens Law and Policy (CCLP) is a public interest law and policy organization focused on reform of juvenile justice and other systems that affect troubled and at-risk children, and protection of the rights of children in those systems. The Center work covers a range of activities including research, writing, public education, media advocacy, training, technical assistance, administrative and legislative advocacy, and litigation.
Center for the Study of Social PolicyThe Centers work is concentrated in the areas of family and childrens services; income supports, neighborhood-based services, education reform, family support, disability and health care policy, and long term care for the elderly. In all of its work, the Center emphasizes several common themes: (1) an approach based on outcomes accountability; (2) community service strategies that reach across categorical boundaries and are community owned; (3) new forms of state/local governance; (4) more flexible financing strategies, linked to results; and (5) attention to the human resources and other capacity-building needs required for human services systems to perform effectively. All of these efforts provide different "entry points" to a common purpose: to help states and localities implement creative and effective strategies that create opportunities to strengthen families and ensure that children grow up healthy, safe, successful in school, and ready for productive adulthood.
Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice (CJCJ)The CJCJ runs the Sentencing Service Program (SSP) -the foremost advocate of incarceration alternatives in Northern California. CJCJ provides testimony and disposition case advocacy for youths facing commitment to Californias youth correctional institutions or direct file transfer to adult court. In addition, CJCJ offers training and technical assistance to juvenile justice systems on developing incarceration alternatives. SSP staff also consults on a wide array of adult cases ranging from alternate placements to capital punishment mitigation. The organizations expertise with the juvenile institutions provides additional insight in adult cases where the client is a long-time participant in the justice system. Prisoners and persons facing imprisonment who are interested in SSP services should have their attorneys contact Catherine McCracken. CJCJ also publishes a wide variety of articles and booklets on prison conditions, the criminal justice system, and other issues. See Publications section for a complete list.
Centurion MinistriesOnly handles cases in which a prisoner has been sentenced to either death or life in prison without parole, cases in which a prisoner has exhausted most or all appeals, and cases in which a prisoner is claiming absolute innocence. No self-defense or accidentaldeath cases.
Change.orghttp://t.co/qNCLKybN is the worlds largest petition platform. Our mission is to empower people everywhere to create the change they want to see.
Child Action NWInspiring Lives, Changing Futures
Child Stats, Forum on Children and Family StatisticsThe Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics (Forum) is a collection of 22 Federal government agencies involved in research and activities related to children and families. The Forum was founded in 1994 and formally established in April 1997 under Executive Order No. 13045. The mission of the Forum is to foster coordination and collaboration and to enhance and improve consistency in the collection and reporting of Federal data on children and families. The Forum also aims to improve the reporting and dissemination of information on the status of children and families.
Child TrendsChild Trends is a non-profit research organization that collects, analyzes, and distributes data with the goal of improving outcomes for children. The organization works on issues pertaining to such issues as child poverty, child welfare, early childhood development, education, health, and demographic trends.
Child Trends DatabankThis one-stop-shop for the latest national trends and research on over 100 key indicators of child and youth well-being, with new indicators added each month, is provided by Child Trends.
Child Welfare League of AmericaCWLA is an association of nearly 800 public and private nonprofit agencies that assist more than 3.5 million abused and neglected children and their families each year with a range of services. This website houses national data, CWLA research, publications and newsletters, and information on CWLA advocacy, programs, and initiatives.
Childrens Defense FundThe Childrens Defense Fund Leave No Child Behind® mission is to ensure every child a Healthy Start, a Head Start, a Fair Start, a Safe Start, and a Moral Start in life and successful passage to adulthood with the help of caring families and communities. CDF provides a strong, effective voice for all the children of America who cannot vote, lobby, or speak for themselves. We pay particular attention to the needs of poor and minority children and those with disabilities. CDF encourages preventive investment before children get sick or into trouble, drop out of school, or suffer family breakdown. CDF began in 1973 and is a private, nonprofit organization supported by foundation and corporate grants and individual donations. CDF has never taken government funds.
Chris Cuomo2014 is the year to #dobetter CNN Anchor, New Day 6-9AM Instagram: chrisccuomo
Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants (CURE)Organize prisoners, their families and other concerned citizens to achieve reforms in the criminal-justice system. CURE has a presence in 40 states. See listings for individual states in this directory or write for complete listing of addresses of state chapters. Do not handle individual cases.
Coalition for Juvenile JusticeThe Coalition for Juvenile Justice (CJJ) is a national nonprofit association representing governor-appointed advisory groups on juvenile justice from the U.S. states, territories and the District of Columbia. Beginning in 2005, CJJ is also the host and sponsor of the growing National Juvenile Justice Network (NJJN). CJJs principal mission is to build safe communities one child at a time by ensuring that all children and families are treated fairly and given the resources and support to be positive and productive contributors to society.
Colorlines.comColorlines is a daily news site where race matters, featuring award-winning investigative reporting and news analysis.
Community Oriented Policing Services, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of JusticeCOPS the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services is the office of the U.S. Department of Justice that advances the practice of community policing in Americas state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies. COPS does its work principally by sharing information and making grants to police departments around the United States.
Conrad N. Hilton FoundationThe Conrad N. Hilton Foundation is a family foundation established in 1944 by the man who started Hilton Hotels. We provide funds to nonprofit organizations working to improve the lives of disadvantaged and vulnerable people throughout the world.
Conservative IntelPolitical intelligence, conservative perspective. Sign up for our weekly newsletter, The Briefing.
Corporation for National and Community Service
CorrectionalNewsThe official tweet of Correctional News magazine. See our sister tweets @GreenBuildNews, @HCOnews, @SchoolBuildNews
CorrectionsOneThe #1 Corrections online resource for news, training and videos. Find us on Facebook (http://t.co/vfBK9XFLmo) & Google+ (http://t.co/Xns09IuhzG) too!
Count the CostsCalling on governments to count the costs of half a centurys war on drugs and explore the alternatives.
Courthouse NewsWith reporters in over 2,000 courts, Courthouse News covers legal developments in all 50 states, including new litigation, hearings and appellate decisions.
Criminal JusticeA http://t.co/6SxuAAJk8j hub for taking action on all sorts of criminal justice issues. Check us out! http://t.co/hPstJwTA4Y
Critical Resistancea national grassroots organization working to end societys reliance on imprisonment, policing & surveillance as responses to social & economic problems
Dave McClureImproving criminal justice @UrbanInstitute w/ research, tech, data & science. Also enjoy handiwork, racquet sports, fishing, wine, jazz & blues. Opinions mine
David LimbaughA lawyer, nationally syndicated columnist, political commentator, NYT bestselling author, and brother of radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh.
Death Penalty FocusDeath Penalty Focus is a non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the death penalty and its alternatives.
Death Row NewsAccount based to provide facts and information to the public about current and past events on Death Row.
Deborah DuprHuman Rights Reporter/Author, #Ifollowback RT Truth, Justice, Liberty, Need not greed.
Department of Justice
Detention WatchNews, events & updates from our national coalition that works to educate the public & policymakers about US immigration detention/deportation system
Douglas Holtz-EakinPresident of the American Action Forum (@AAF), Fmr. CBO Director, and @twizzlers fanatic.
Drug Policy AllianceThe Drug Policy Alliance (DPA) is the nations leading organization promoting drug policies that are grounded in science, compassion, health and human rights.
EBATo facilitate reform within systems serving high-risk youth through performance-based contracts that reduce costs and improve outcomes.
EBP 101Evidence-Based Practices 101. Sifting through the data and finding What Works...a probation officers perspective.
EJIEqual Justice Initiative, Director Bryan Stevenson
EMLAWere the Emerging Millennials Leadership Alliance: a new human rights think tank & political action committee. We start with mass incarceration. #WeCantWait
Elizabeth ZitrinVP, World Coalition Against the Death Penalty - civil libertarian - San Franciscan - lawyer - lefty - foodie
Ella Baker CenterThe Ella Baker Center for Human Rights organizes people-powered campaigns to #EndMassIncarceration and advance #JusticeReinvestment. Follow our ED @ZachWNorris.
Employment and Training Agency, U.S. Department of LaborThe Employment and Training Administration (ETA) administers federal government job training and worker dislocation programs, federal grants to states for public employment service programs, and unemployment insurance benefits. These services are primarily provided through state and local workforce development systems.
End Prison SlaverySlavery is alive and well in America today, even under the nose of the first black US president.
Equal Justice USAEJUSA cuts through the polarization to build a criminal justice system that works. For everyone.
Eric CantorI represent Virginias 7th District in the U.S. House of Representatives. Welcome to my official @Twitter account!
Eugene PuryearRevolutionary, political commentator, activist, lover of books, author of Shackled and Chained: Mass Incarceration in Capitalist America.
ExOffenderReEntryA website for exoffenders and those still incarcerated - books, games, kits, posters, DVDs about job search, life skills, daily living, and more.
Expungement USA
Families Against Mandatory Minimums (FAMM)Work to change mandatory sentencing laws. Provide information about the laws and how to change them. Offers a newsletter, FAMM-gram. Contributions accepted.
Families USAFamilies USA is a national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans. Working at the national, state, and community levels, Families USA has earned a national reputation as an effective voice for health care consumers for 25 years.
FedCUREFedCURE is the worlds leading advocate for Americas, ever growing, federal inmate population. FedCURE works to reinstate parole, increase good time allowances, provide for compassionate releases, restore PELL grants and opportunities for successful reentry into the community for all federal offenders; and promote a system that incarcerates fewer people and provides humane conditions for those who are incarcerated or under post-incarceration supervision via parole or supervised release.
Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI)
Fight Crime5,000 Police Chiefs, Sheriffs, Prosecutors, and Violence Survivors Preventing Crime and Violence.
Ford FoundationThe Ford Foundation supports visionary leaders and organizations on the frontlines of social change worldwide.
Foreign PolicyThe magazine for global politics, economics and ideas. Most tweets by @emmacarew & @reidstan. Follow our staff: https://t.co/NwozHZtGy0
ForfeitureReformAmericans for Forfeiture Reform works to change abusive civil forfeiture laws at the state and federal level.
Fortune SocietyEx-offender self-help program. Provide educational programs, general counseling, HIVAIDS assistance, employment services, housing, and court advocacy. Publishes Fortune News, free to prisoners upon request.
Friends of JusticeFOJ is a nonprofit organization that works to uphold due process for all Americans. Our goal is to build a public consensus for ending mass incarceration.
From the Inside OutDocumentary on the work of former inmates to reform the criminal justice system.
GOP Conf Policy TeamThe latest updates, documents, and resources from the House Republican Conference Policy Team.
Gamblers AnonymousGAMBLERS ANONYMOUS is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from a gambling problem.
Gary SiniseActor/co founder Steppenwolf Theatre. Bass player, GS & Lt Dan Band, http://t.co/YWlKFijraK Founder Gary Sinise Foundation
Georgetown University Center for Child and Human DevelopmentThe Georgetown University Center for Child and Human Development is a division of Georgetown Universitys Department of Pediatrics. The mission the GUCCHD is to bring together policy, research and clinical practice for the betterment of individuals and families, especially children, youth and those with special needs including: developmental disabilities and special health care needs, mental health needs, young children and those in the child welfare system. The Center is committed to developing comprehensive service delivery systems that are family centered, culturally competent, community-based and embrace inclusive practices. It implements its work through value based strategies that effect partnerships, collaborative approaches, participatory action and translational research, linking of research to policy and practice, and creation of accessible knowledge. The Center primary goals include ensuring effective services and supports within comprehensive service delivery systems for all individuals, especially children, youth and their families, and those with special needs and engaging in comprehensive service system development for all children and their families in the District of Columbia.
Gideon AlertsGideon Alerts is the nations leading source of news about evolving developments in ensuring the right to counsel. (Links & RTs not necessarily endorsements.)
Gideon at 50On the 50th anniversary of Gideon v. Wainwright, make sure that qualified defense counsel is in place in every American courtroom, in every case.
Girls and BoysTownWhile ministering to the homeless on the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, Father Edward Joseph Flanagan developed a lifelong interest in young people and their struggle to grow into responsible, productive members of society. Today, with your help, we continue Father Flanagans mission of saving children and healing families. - See more at: http://www.boystown.org/about#sthash.66l12daP.dpuf
Global Youth JusticeGLOBAL YOUTH JUSTICE @JuvenileCrime Champions Volunteer Driven Youth Justice and Juvenile Justice Diversion Programs Teen/Youth/Student/Peer Court and Jury.
Goldwater InstituteAbstracts in white papers dont make people freer--real wins in the rough-and-tumble policy arena do. Thats why youll never find us sitting on the sidelines.
Goodwill IndustriesGoodwill strives to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by helping people reach their full potential through education, skills training and the power of work.
GreenliningInstituteThe Greenlining Institute is a national policy, organizing, and leadership institute working for racial and economic justice.
Grier WeeksDirector, National Association to PROTECT Children @protect Opinions my own.
HRFRefugeesHuman Rights Firsts Refugee Protection Program, advocating for rights-based reforms to the refugee, asylum & immigration detention systems. RTs endorsements.
Hip Hop JusticeHosts Dr. Scott Washington and Stevie Stylez discuss legal and justice related news with hip hop music. Tune in Wednesdays 6 - 8 PM Eastern time on Party 934!
Hoover InstitutionThe Hoover Institution, within Stanford University, is a public policy research center promoting the principles of individual, economic, and political freedom.
Hope LineSince the suicide of his wife Kristin in April 1998, KBHC Founder Reese Butler has been on a personal crusade. His mission the past 11 years has been to offer HOPE and the option to LIVE to those in the deepest emotional pain.
Human Rights WatchConduct fact-finding investigations into human-rights abuses in all regions of the world. Working with local partners, monitor conditions of detention around the world. Publish findings in books and reports.
I Love My InmateTogether we can stop the dehumanization of inmates. http://t.co/4aqoj8xx (Retweets are not necessarily endorsements)
IACFPThe International Association for Correctional and Forensic Psychology (IA4CFP) Twitter.
InRollRock & Roll, Progressive Rock, Classic Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz Fusion, Psychedelic, Instrumental & Brazilian Songs. InRoll
Incarcerated VoicesWe will illuminate the humanity that exists within US prisons through an interactive radio show. We provide incarcerated people a voice in the media.
IndependentInstituteNon-profit, non-partisan public policy research boldly advancing peaceful, prosperous, and free societies.
InjusticeNews2National Prisoner and Detainee Rights News Feed
InmateAidFor inmates and the people who love them
Innocence MattersThe innocent should not be in jail and mistakes should be corrected with all due haste!
InstituteForJusticeThe Institute for Justice is the national law firm for liberty. Follow IJ: protect property, economic liberty, free speech and school choice!
International Prison MinistryHelps other jail and prison ministries obtain Bibles, Bible Study books, Lifechanging books and greeting cards at affordable, reduced prices. Provide free Bibles, Bible Study and Lifechanging books to prisoners. Free to inmates who write in.
Investigative NewsThe Investigative News Network is a nonpartisan organization advancing sustainability & excellence in nonprofit journalism.
Irvin WallerSharing knowledge to prevent violent crime and advance crime victim rights. His books persuade legislators to innovate. He wins international awards.
JPayJPay is the most trusted source for connecting incarcerated individuals with family and friends. Learn more at http://t.co/WHLRorTC8E.
Jean TrounstineAuthor/editor of 5 published books, professor & prison activist. Blog @BostonMagazine.com and @JusticeWithJean.
Jim DeMintPresident of The @Heritage Foundation, former U.S. Senator (R-S.C.), father of 4, author of Falling in Love with America Again.
John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur FoundationThe John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation supports creative people and effective institutions committed to building a more just, verdant, and peaceful world. In addition to selecting the MacArthur Fellows, the Foundation works to defend human rights, advance global conservation and security, make cities better places, and understand how technology is affecting children and society. - See more at: http://www.macfound.org/about/#sthash.WMXqleVC.dpuf
John RomanSenior Fellow, Justice Policy Center, Urban Institute. I research innovative crime and justice policies and programs. All opinions are my own.
Jonathan SilberbergProducer and Director. Made in America for @Sho_Network, @Paradiselost3 for @HBODocs. @radicalmedia
Jonathan SimonJust published book- Mass Incarceration on Trial Berkeley Law Professor Director, Center for the Study of Law & Society
Joshua LowtherFederal criminal and asset forfeiture defense attorney with a national practice.
Just Detention InternationalJust Detention International (JDI) is a non-profit health and human rights organization that seeks to end sexual abuse in all forms of detention. JDIs website provides information for survivors, a legal section with legislation and case law, appeals for action, a comprehensive bibliography, and links to articles, reports, and other resources. Anyone who has experienced any form of sexual harm in custody - including sexual harassment, sex in exchange for protection, sexual assault, etc. - is encouraged to contact JDI for a packet of information and materials. Prisoners can write to JDI via confidential, legal mail by addressing their letter to Cynthia Totten, Esq., CA Attorney Reg. # 199266, at the address above.
Just Say NowJust Say Nows marijuana legalization campaign is a project of http://t.co/QAkOkWK8eg (@firedoglake)
Justice Solutions
Justice Center, Council of State Governments
Justice DepartmentThe Institute for Humane Studies: Advancing a freer society by supporting students, recent graduates, and academics interested in the ideas of liberty.
Justice ResearchWhile prisoners are generally forgotten, female prisoners are specifically forgotten. We are changing that...
Justice for FamiliesWe are a national alliance of local organizations working to transform families from victims of the prison epidemic to leaders of the movement for fairness and opportunity for all youth.
Justice&PeaceThe National Center for Justice and Peace is continuing the struggle for racial justice.
Juv Deten PoemsUntil You Make the Shore by @CameronConaway is a book told through the imagined voices in an all-female juvenile detention center. #JuvenileJustice
Juvenile Law CenterFounded in 1975 as a non-profit legal service, Juvenile Law Center (JLC) is one of the oldest public interest law firms for children in the United States. JLC works on behalf of children who have come within the purview of public agencies-for example, abused or neglected children placed in foster homes, delinquent youth sent to residential treatment facilities or adult prisons, or children in placement with specialized services needs. JLC has always maintained a core mission of protecting and advancing childrens rights. JLC does this by ensuring that children are treated fairly by systems that are supposed to help them, and that children receive the treatment and services that these systems are supposed to provide.
Juvenile-in-JusticeJinJ documents the placement and treatment of juveniles in the U.S justice system. The project features over 1000 juveniles. 250+ facilities. 31 states.
Kaiser Family FoundationA leader in health policy and communications, the Kaiser Family Foundation is a non-profit, private operating foundation focusing on the major health care issues facing the U.S., with a growing role in global health. Unlike grant-making foundations, Kaiser develops and runs its own research and communications programs, sometimes in partnership with other non-profit research organizations or major media companies.
Karin AgnessPresident, Network of enlightened Women (@NeWNetwork, http://t.co/hKqIzF23kD); @UVA grad; Attorney
KidsforCash3,000 kids. One judge. A scandal that rocked the nation. Available now at iTunes, Amazon & Cable Movies On Demand
Kurt SchlichterFeelings-centered & #caring. Author of Conservative Insurgency: Go buy it. Townhall columnist, Breitbart guy, Army vet & trial lawyer.
L.A.CWe are a Caring Online Community! Loving A Convict was founded by an ex-Convict with a goal in mind. That goal being, to help other Convicts & Families..
Lambda LegalLegal organization committed to the civil rights of lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender people and those with HIV.
Laura and John Arnold FoundationOur core objective is to produce substantial, widespread and lasting reforms that will maximize opportunities and minimize injustice in our society. To do this, we identify challenges and address their root causes through innovative, multi-disciplinary solutions. We aim to foster a culture in which individuals have the best chance to succeed and prosper, while encouraging a sense of responsibility, compassion and reinvestment toward their communities and society as a whole.
Law Enforcement Against ProhibitionCops, judges, prosecutors and everyday civilians teaming up to end the failed, dangerous and expensive war on drugs.
Law Office of Marcia G. SheinHandles federal criminal law pre- and post-conviction cases. Fees may be charged for services. Provide objective background reports for attorneys; interpretation of psychological information and related reports. Handles initial parole hearings; regional and national appeals; pre- and post-custody consultation and early termination of probation and parole. All services are offered for pro se litigants. Research and development issues; sentencing mitigation; federal and supreme court appeals; habeas corpus 2255; INS petitions to stay; deportation and prison transfers; clemency petitions.
Law Officer MagazinePolice and law enforcement news, blogs, jobs, features, training and more at http://t.co/sbiSKKGHL4
Law Offices of Alan Ellis, California OfficeProvides post-conviction representation of federal criminal defendants including plea negotiations, sentencing, Rule 35 motions, appeals, 2241 and 2255 habeas corpus petitions and prison and parole matters. Publish The Federal Prison Guidebook, Federal Sentencing Guidebook, and Federal Post Conviction Guidebook. Also NY office.
LawForChangeLawForChange is LMPBFs unique, free, legal resource for people & orgs working to improve lives & bring about positive social change. #socent #nonprofit
Legal VoiceProvides legal information to women in the northeast, including Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, & Alaska. Accepts public impact cases that affect womens legal rights on a limited basis. Can provide some legal information and resources. Staff cannot represent individuals or give legal advice by telephone.
LessWallMoreStreetFrom Mass Arrests of #OWS to Mass Incarceration. Two activists from NYC traveling cross-country, giving trainings, building #Solidarity. RTs not endorsements.
Local Initiatives Support CorporationThe Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) is dedicated to helping community residents transform distressed neighborhoods into healthy and sustainable communities of choice and opportunity good places to work, do business and raise children. LISC mobilizes corporate, government and philanthropic support to provide local community development organizations with: loans, grants and equity investments, local, statewide and national policy support, and technical and management assistance
Lockup ReviewThe best Prison News and Reviews. Also, Crime, Law and other good stuff... Join us for free!
Marc Lamont HillMorehouse College Professor. CNN Commentator. Host of BET News & HuffPost Live. co-CEO of Elite Voices. Exec. Producer of For Colored Boys Philly Born MADE
Matthew MaherAuthor & Instigator. Christ is 1st and ALL. Ive been on the field, Pro. Ive been behind the wall, Con. Now I am back from the grave of failure to speak life.
Melville Charitable TrustSince 1990, the Melville Charitable Trust has focused on the singular goal of ending homelessness. Research and the Trusts experience have demonstrated that homelessness is a solvable problem and that safe, accessible and affordable housing is an indispensable part of the solution. For individuals and families with the greatest challenges to housing stability, ensuring access to affordable housing with appropriate services supportive housing is smart, humane and cost-effective.
Mental CompetencyTweets on issues related to competence to stand trial. See http://t.co/DMAp5mCk7c for the Mental Competency -- Best Practices Model and resources.
Mental Help NetDepression, Anxiety, Bipolar, ADHD, Stress, Addictions, Psychosis, Borderline, Schizophrenia, etc. - Comprehensive mental health information and community
MentorFor more than a decade, MENTOR/National Mentoring Partnership has been working to expand the world of quality mentoring. MENTOR believes that, with the help and guidance of an adult mentor, each child can discover how to unlock and achieve his or her potential. MENTOR is widely acknowledged as the nations premier advocate and resource for the expansion of mentoring initiatives nationwide. As such, MENTOR works with a strong network of state and local Mentoring Partnerships to leverage resources and provide the support and tools that mentoring organizations need to effectively serve young people in their communities.
Merrie Lynn RossFilmmaker,TV Star, Child Activist, Funny Wise Woman. Author 8 books-#1 Best Seller The Bully Solution-Peace Smarts Life As An Improv
Mistakes Kids MakeOnly 5% of kids who get arrested have committed a violent crime. But the other 95% often face the same fate.
Models for ChangeMFC is a national initiative funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation to accelerate reform of juvenile justice systems across the country.
Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) - National
Mothers of BedfordImagine being separated from your child for 10-20 years. This documentary explores the effects of long-term imprisonment on the mother-child relationship.
MuckRockMuckRock is the easy way to request, analyze & share government documents, making politics more transparent and democracies more informed.
My Criminal Justicehttp://t.co/HFaOJ0rLXV is your online resource for criminal justice schools, degrees, and career education. Learn more about criminal justice today!
NBLSANational Black Law Students Association (NBLSA) encourages the development of talented, socially conscious lawyers of tomorrow. RTs are not endorsements.
NC4YCThe National Center for Youth in Custody
NCCDThe Natl Council on Crime & Delinquency promotes just & equitable social systems for individuals, families, & communities through research, policy, & practice.
NCRCRThe Campaign focuses on public education and outreach, getting the message out about the impact of court rulings on our communities, opportunities and rights.
NE Innocence ProjectThe New England Innocence Project provides pro-bono legal assistance to incarcerated individuals who have claims of actual innocence.
NELPThe National Employment Law Project (NELP) responds by working to restore the promise of economic opportunity in the 21st century economy. In partnership with national, state and local allies, we promote policies and programs that create good jobs, strengthen upward mobility, enforce hard-won worker rights, and help unemployed workers regain their economic footing through improved benefits and services.
Nancy Lockhart, M.J.Nancy Lockhart, M.J., is a legal analyst, advocate and author - Locked Up - What To DO When Your AZZ Gets Locked Up.
Nancy PetroCo-author with Jim Petro (former OH Atty. Gen.) of FALSE JUSTICE - EIGHT MYTHS THAT CONVICT THE INNOCENT (Kaplan, 11; Peking Univ. Press, 12; Routledge, 14 )
Narcotics AnonymousThis was picked from the Ohio counties for John Boener
Nation InsideNation Inside is a platform that connects and supports people who are building a movement to systematically challenge mass incarceration in the United States.
National Alliance for the Mentally Ill
National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, National HeadquartersWorks to eliminate disparate treatment in all aspects of law enforcement and criminaljustice systems, including capricious racial profiling practices. Works to ensure fair and equitable trials and sentences. Works to ensure felony re-entry. Promotes a moratorium on the death penalty. The NAACP has offices in all 50 states, including Washington, DC. Please see their website for information on your local office.
National Center for Juvenile JusticeThe National Center for Juvenile Justice is a private, non-profit organization. Since its inception in 1973, the Center has been a resource for independent and original research on topics related directly and indirectly to the field of juvenile justice. The Center concentrates its efforts on the improvement of the juvenile and family court system through applied, legal and systems research. Although the Center is the research division of the National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges, it has its own budget and is responsible for generating its own operating funds.
National Center for Missing and Exploited Children
National Center for State CourtsProviding trusted leadership and proven solutions to courts around the country and the world.
National Center for Youth LawNCYL works to ensure that youth in trouble with the law are treated fairly and appropriately for their age and capacity to change. NCYL promotes reforms that keep youth from entering the juvenile justice system, and also strives to protect the safety and welfare of youth in custody. Much of NCYLs work is focused on poor children who are additionally challenged by abuse and neglect, disability, or other disadvantage.
National Center on Institutions and AlternativesOffer private pre-sentence investigative services; technical assistance to jurisdictions regarding prison overcrowding, as well as jail suicide prevention. Conduct research on criminal-justice issues.
National Coalition for Homeless VeteransThe National Coalition for Homeless Veterans (NCHV) will end homelessness among veterans by shaping public policy, promoting collaboration, and building the capacity of service providers.
National Coalition for Homeless Veterans
National Commission on Correctional Health CarePublish standards for health services for jails, prisons and juvenile-detention confinement facilities. Serve as an accreditation body; develop programs for training correctional and health-care personnel; provide technical assistance to facilities; develop and distribute publications and uniform documentation; conduct annual national conference on correctional health care and other programs; and conduct research on selected aspects of correctional health care. Not an advocacy organization. Do not provide any advice to inmates about doctors, treatment or medical care. Publish a quarterly newspaper, CorrectCare, which is available free to prison libraries but cannot be sent free to individual prisoners. Write for a complete list of publications.
National Council of Juvenile and Family Court JudgesThe National Council of Juvenile and Family Court Judges (NCJFCJ) seeks to improve courts and systems practice and raise awareness of the core issues that touch the lives of many of our nations children and families. The NCJFCJ provides training, wide-ranging technical assistance, and research to help the nations courts, judges and staff in their important work. The NCJFCJ conducts and assists in conducting educational programs for more judges, court administrators, social and mental health workers, police, probation officers, and others working in the juvenile and family courts. Its membership includes more than 2,000 judges, referees, commissioners, masters and other juvenile and family law professionals.
National Crime Victims Research & Treatment Center
National Criminal Justice Reference Services
National H.I.R.E NetworkEstablished by the Legal Action Center in 2001, the National Helping Individuals with criminal records Re-enter through Employment (H.I.R.E.) Network is both a national clearinghouse for information and an advocate for policy change. It is one of several special projects at the Legal Action Center. The goal of the National H.I.R.E. Network is to increase the number and quality of job opportunities available to people with criminal records by changing public policies, employment practices and public opinion.
National Health Care for the Homeless Council
National Institute of Corrections, Bureau of Prisons, U.S. Department of JusticeThe National Institute of Corrections (NIC) is an agency within the U.S. Department of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons. The Institute is headed by a Director appointed by the U.S. Attorney General. A 16-member Advisory Board, also appointed by the Attorney General, was established by the enabling legislation (Public Law 93-415) to provide policy direction to the Institute.
National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of JusticeThe National Institute of Justice the research, development and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice is dedicated to improving knowledge and understanding of crime and justice issues through science. NIJ provides objective and independent knowledge and tools to reduce crime and promote justice, particularly at the state and local levels.
National Institute of Mental Health, National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesThe mission of NIMH is to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illnesses through basic and clinical research, paving the way for prevention, recovery, and cure.
National Juvenile Justice NetworkThe vision of the National Juvenile Justice Network is that juvenile justice systems in all 50 states, U.S. territories and the District of Columbia will have laws, policies and programs that ensure the healthy development and fair and equitable treatment of all children and youth, through the work of a movement of local, state and national advocates for children and youth, working collaboratively to advance a common juvenile justice agenda and through a state-based network that is an effective and respected force for state level juvenile justice reform. The National Juvenile Justice Network enhances the capacity of state-based, juvenile justice coalitions to advocate for fair, equitable and developmentally appropriate adjudication and treatment for all children, youth and families involved in the juvenile justice system.
National Law JournalOfficial news related to The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness, by Michelle Alexander published by @thenewpress
National Mental Health AssociationMental Health America, founded in 1909, is the nations leading community-based network dedicated to helping all Americans achieve wellness by living mentally healthier lives.
National Mental Health Association
National Organization for Victim Assistance (NOVA)
National Victim Service Providers in Corrections (NAVSPIC)
NationalPrisonCoachCERTIFIED PRISON CONSULTANT - National leader in the field of prison consulting
Newt GingrichHusband, father, grandfather, citizen, small businessman, author, former Speaker of the House, @Crossfire host.
No New Prisonsa collaboration of citizens and groups opposing new prison construction and expansion
NoVo FoundationNoVo Foundation is dedicated to catalyzing a transformation in global society, moving from a culture of domination to one of equality and partnership. We support the development of capacities in peopleindividually and collectivelyto help create a caring and balanced world. We envision a world that operates on the principles of mutual respect, collaboration, and civic participation, thereby reversing the old paradigm predicated on hierarchy, violence, and the subordination of girls and women.
OARjusticeOAR blends compassion and accountability to assist offenders in leading productive and responsible lives.
OVC - Training and Technical Assistance Center (TTAC)
Office for Victims of Crime (OVC)
Office for Victims of Crime, Office of Justice Programs, U.S. Department of JusticeEstablished in 1988 through an amendment to the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) of 1984, OVC is charged by Congress with administering the Crime Victims Fund (the Fund). Through OVC, the Fund supports a broad array of programs and services that focus on helping victims in the immediate aftermath of crime and continuing to support them as they rebuild their lives. Millions of dollars are invested annually in victim compensation and assistance in every U.S. state and territory, as well as for training, technical assistance, and other capacity-building programs designed to enhance service providers ability to support victims of crime in communities across the Nation.
Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency PreventionThe Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP) provides national leadership, coordination, and resources to prevent and respond to juvenile delinquency and victimization. OJJDP supports states and communities in their efforts to develop and implement effective and coordinated prevention and intervention programs and to improve the juvenile justice system so that it protects public safety, holds offenders accountable, and provides treatment and rehabilitative services tailored to the needs of juveniles and their families.
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation, U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesThe Assistant Secretary for Planning and Evaluation (ASPE) advises the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services on policy development in health, disability, human services, data, and science, and provides advice and analysis on economic policy. ASPE leads special initiatives, coordinates the Departments evaluation, research and demonstration activities, and manages cross-Department planning activities such as strategic planning, legislative planning, and review of regulations. Integral to this role, ASPE conducts research and evaluation studies, develops policy analyses, and estimates the cost and benefits of policy alternatives under consideration by the Department or Congress.
Office on Violence Against Women, U.S. Department of JusticeTo enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.
Open SocietyThe Open Society Foundations work to build vibrant and tolerant democracies whose governments are accountable to their citizens.
PEN AmericaA global literary community protecting free expression and celebrating literature
PEN America Center Prison Writing Program
PJ MediaProviding a platform for voices from a free America. Home to bloggers like @Instapundit, @VDHanson & more. Opinions are those of the individual, not PJ Media.
PRAAward-winning charity, the Prison Radio Association. We run National Prison Radio - the worlds first national radio station for prisoners.
Parents of Murdered Children (POMC)
Parole Packet WorldwideD&D Worldwide Services LLC, is an Inmate Service Provider. We create Parole Plans and provide Parole Plan Documentation Services Worldwide. We are a team of Christian Professionals Consultants staffed with Paralegals who have over 14 years experience with the parole system.
PenalReform (PRI)Promoting fair and effective criminal justice
PigeonlyWelcome to Pigeonly. Where connections between inmates and society are...well, reasonable.
Pine Tree Legal Assistance
Policy Research AssociatesPRA is a nationally and internationally recognized leader in technical assistance and research in the behavioral health field. We are a small business with the capacity to offer a broad range of services and to administer large-scale projects. We are proud of the diversity of our employees experience and expertise, and our proven performance record for effectively working with a variety of agencies from Federal to local and in between. - See more at: http://www.prainc.com/#sthash.X6qtW6d2.dpuf
Policy for ResultsThe Center for the Study of Social Policys website dedicated to helping policy makers make sound decisions that contribute to better outcomes and opportunities for all children and families.
PplOfFaithAgnstDPenNational nonprofit founded in 1994 whose mission is to educate & mobilize faith communities to act to abolish the death penalty in the United States. Join us!
Pretrial JusticeWorking to end over-reliance on pretrial detention, and to promote greater access to legal assistance for pretrial detainees.
Prison Activist Resource CenterSupport for prisoners and prison activists; public-education project. Publishes a resource directory which is free to prisoners upon request.
Prison BlogAuthentic & uncensored voices from inside maximum security & supermax prisons & control units. http://t.co/JgHHhqkGDv IG: livefromlockdown
Prison DivestmentEnlace, in partnership with community groups and unions across the US, is calling on all public and private institutions to divest their holdings in CCA & GEO
Prison FellowshipI bring the Word and hope of Jesus Christ to prisoners.
Prison Fellowship MinistriesThrough their international ministries in 112 countries, offers the following service: Angel Tree for prisoners children and families (1-800-55-ANGEL).
Prison Law BlogInformed, honest, authoritative information about prison law
Prison Law BlogBlog by Sara Mayeux on prison/jail legal issues and reform efforts around the country. Photo: http://t.co/rBpVZfJDSi
Prison Legal Newsan independent monthly magazine that provides review and analysis of prisoner rights, court rulings and news concerning prison-related issues
Prison Pen PalsPrison Pen Pals for those whod like to write inmates for companionship and mentoring.
Prison Phone Justice CampaignThis site deals with the issue of prison and jail phone calls, which typically cost much more than non-prison calls. Prison phone contracts are based on a commission model, where the phone service provider pays a commission (kickback) to the contracting government agency, such as a state prison system or county jail. These kickbacks inflate the costs of prison and jail phone calls, which in the vast majority of cases are paid not by prisoners but by their family members. This website includes detailed information on state-by-state prison phone rates and commission data, as well as reports, articles and other resources related to prison phone services and the prison phone industry.
Prison PhotographyPete Brook. San Francisco, CA. Freelance scrawler. Photo, prisons & social justice. @wired / @rawfileblog writer. @bagnewsnotes @oregonian @huffpo @cnn bylines.
Prison Policy Initiativeresearches and documents the impact of mass incarceration on individuals, communities, and national welfare
Prison ProtestPRISON PROTEST is an abolitionist publication that envisions a future in which prisons are obsolete.
Prison SanityCommitted to the decriminalization of mental illness and bringing sanity to the incarceration industry.
Prison TalkPrison Talk Online(PTO) provides support and information to anyone with an incarcerated loved one. (Our retweets are not necessarily endorsements)
Prison Victory MagazineCHRISTIAN MOTORSPORTS ILLUSTRATED (CMI) is a publication of CPO Publishing. The magazine was founded in 1995 by Roland Osborne, who also published the magazine CHRYSLER POWER. Osborne was the founder of the Hemi Owners Association, and has served as a motorsports chaplain establishing chapel services for RFC. He is now active in more than 20 international motorsports ministries. Osbornes vision was to create a magazine that presented uplifting and positive stories relating to all forms of motorsports on every surface imaginable: from asphalt to dirt, ice, snow, grass, water, high jumps, straight-aways, monstrous curves and hills, even air... CMI has covered it all! At the forefront of every issue is the encouraging message of hope found through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
Prison Watch NetworkDocumenting the state of prisons and human rights abuses inside. Supporting, Empowering. In cooperation with our other Prison Watch Network blogs.
PrisonEducationhttp://t.co/hy69SmQkcn is the worlds premier source on prison education, correctional education, and inmate education news, information, and research.
PrisonInmates OnlineThe Worlds first & only Prison Inmate Social Network!
PrisonReformMovementReforming Criminal Justice~ Drug War~Mass Incarceration~ Political Prisoners~Social Justice~Truth & Transparency~A Better World For ALL~
Prisoners Rights Research ProjectStudents provide back-up legal research assistance for prisoners nationwide. Cannot give advice or represent prisoners and can answer only specific questions. Will copy no more than 10 pages. Only accepts mail from prisoners, not phone calls.
PrisonersFCNational Family Support Conference providing a vital network 4 improving the quality of life of children & families during/after incarceration of a loved one
Pro Bono InstituteThe Pro Bono Institute is mandated to explore and identify new approaches to and resources for the provision of legal services to the poor, disadvantaged, and other individuals or groups unable to secure legal assistance to address critical problems. We do so by supporting, enhancing, and transforming the pro bono efforts of major law firms, in-house corporate legal departments, and public interest organizations in the U.S. and around the world.
Psychiatry & the LawFORENSIC PSYCHIATRY NEWS. Criminal, civil, correctional, public policyanything involving the interface between mental health and the law.
Public Safety and Justice CampaignThe Public Safety and Justice Campaign is a national campaign to end profiteering from the incarceration of people. We use public policy, education, and grassroots organizing to stop the expansion of prison privatization and to shut down existing private prison facilities.
Public Welfare FoundationThe Public Welfare Foundation supports efforts to advance justice and opportunity for people in need. The Foundation looks for strategic points where its funds can make a significant difference and improve lives through policy change and system reform.
R Street InstituteFree-market think tank advancing real solutions to complex public policy problems. Tweets: @zacharygraves. Media releases: #RSTNEWS.
R. Scott HarrisonThis is the Twitter page for Standing Together for the Rights of All People (STRAP), an international forum for human and civil rights for all people.
RaceProject.orgThis is the official Twitter page for The Project on Race in Political Communication (@smcaliendo & @cmcilwain)
ReThink MediaBuilding the peace & security and security & rights movements through strategic comm, media & reporter intel, tools & training. Also see: http://t.co/p3OlqLAbq8
Reagan FoundationThe Reagan Foundations mission is to promote Ronald Reagans timeless principles: Freedom, Economic Opportunity, Global Democracy and National Pride
Reclaiming FuturesReclaiming Futures helps teens with alcohol and drug problems who are in the juvenile justice system. Learn more on our blog.
Reentry Central
Restorative Justice Community (RJC)RJC provides a comprehensive, state-by-state online directory of organizations that serve people who are reentering communities after a period of incarceration. Resources span a variety of services - including housing, employment, and community assistance - and they are updated regularly.
Restorative Justice Online
Revolutionary TruthEducation. Mass Incarceration. War on Drugs. #StopAndFrisk. Military Industrial Cmplx. Make the Connection, Become the Revolution. Follow @blkagendareport
RightOnCrimeFighting crime. Prioritizing victims. Protecting taxpayers.
RoutledgeCriminologyNews and information on Criminology and Criminal Justice from the worldwide publisher of books and journals
Rufus-Jenny TriplettEbonyMags Couple of the Year 2012Radio Cohosts @HuffingtonPost BlogActivistsSpeakersCoAuthorsMarriageTipsters for imprisoned minds http://t.co/XDwmTUClv5
Ryan GabrielsonReporter @propublica covering the U.S. justice system. Cops, courts, catastrophes. ryan.gabrielson at http://t.co/NPISnMTUI5 Public key: http://t.co/92B3k0XlfM
SAGE CriminologyFollow us for the latest info on SAGE criminology books and journals, as well as general news items of interest.
Salvation Army
Sean SpicerCommunications Director at the Republican National Committee RNC @GOP #GOP Horrable speller, Wicked big Sox/Pats fan
Sesame WorkshopThe nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street and so much more.
Sex Offenders Restored through Treatment (SORT)Offers education about types of abuses, ways to control abuse, and positive approaches to therapy and restorative justice. Also lends support through referrals, networking, and sharing positive information for those at risk as victims and offenders, those victimized, those who have offended, therapists, the justice system, policy makers, and the public.
ShePACA new SuperPAC that will get conservative women elected. Co-chairs: @TeriChristoph, @ProjectGoPink. Watch our video: http://t.co/NwOuxakZuI
Shepard FaireyThis is the official twitter account for OBEY GIANT
Sin by SilenceAn award-winning documentary about women behind prison walls who advocate for a future free from domestic violence.
Six And Forty-FourAfrican American men make up 6% of the United States population, but 44% of the population in U.S. federal and state penitentiaries. This needs to change.
Slate CrimeSlates crime blog. @justintrevett tweets here.
Solutions PACAmerican Solutions PAC is chaired by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and supports conservative candidates across the country.
SpangenbergProjectThe Spangenberg Project at George Mason Universitys Center for Justice, Law and Society conducts research on access to justice and indigent defense issues.
St Vincent de PaulInspired by Gospel values, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic lay organization, leads women and men to join together to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering in the tradition of its founder, Blessed Frdric Ozanam, and patron, St. Vincent de Paul.
State Policy NetworkSPN is made up of free market think tanks fighting to limit government and advance market-friendly public policy at the state and local levels.
Staunton Farm FoundationThe purpose of the foundation shall be to carry into effect the intent and purpose of the Last Will and Testament of Matilda S. McCready through grants to appropriate educational and charitable institutions, or by direct expenditures, for the study and treatment of persons suffering from curable neurotic functional disorders, mild mental and kindred ailments or recovery there from and for educational and charitable purposes in connection therewith.
StopMassIncarceratioFighting mass incarceration, stop-and-frisk and police brutality, and the New Jim Crow, a slow genocide that must be stopped!
StrengthenFamsPrevent abuse and neglect by building Protective Factors with families. Strengthening Families is a project of the Center for the Study of Social Policy
Student AbolitionStudents Against the Death Penalty (SADP) works to end the death penalty through campaigns of public education and the promotion of youth activism.
Student Prison Alln.The Student Prison Alliance is a nationwide network of university students working in prison education and reform.
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesThe Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) is the agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that leads public health efforts to advance the behavioral health of the nation. SAMHSAs mission is to reduce the impact of substance abuse and mental illness on Americas communities.
Tea Party ExpressThe official Twitter account of the Tea Party Express. Join us as we elect true conservatives and take our country back!
Technical Assistance Partnership for Child and Family Mental HealthThe mission of the TA Partnership is to support communities in their efforts to successfully develop and implement local systems of care. We assist with developing a broad array of community-based, strength-based services to improve outcomes for children with serious emotional disturbance. The TA Partnership operates under contract with the federal Center for Mental Health Services to provide technical assistance to system of care communities and is a collaboration between the American Institutes for Research and the Federation of Families for Childrens Mental Health.
Teresa BacigalupiEmpowering teens with knowledge about the laws that govern their lives.
Terry McAuliffeOfficial account for Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe
The AllianceThe Alliance for Early Success is a catalyst that brings state, national, & funding partners together to improve state policies for children 0-8.
The Atlantic PhilanthropiesFor more than 30 years, Atlantic has made grants to advance opportunity and lasting change for those who are unfairly disadvantaged or vulnerable to lifes circumstances. As a limited life foundation, we make grants through our Ageing, Children & Youth, Population Health, Reconciliation & Human Rights, and Founding Chairman Programmes.
The CCRA weekly national publication of writings and art by young people in the juvenile justice system.
The Childrens Bureau, Administration on Children, Youth and Families; U.S. Department of Health and Human ServicesThe Childrens Bureau (CB) is one of two bureaus within the Administration on Children, Youth and Families, Administration for Children and Families, of the Department of Health and Human Services. With an annual budget of over $7 billion, the Childrens Bureau works with State and local agencies to develop programs that focus on preventing the abuse of children in troubled families, protecting children from abuse, and finding permanent placements for those who cannot safely return to their homes. The Childrens Bureau seeks to provide for the safety, permanency and well being of children through leadership, support for necessary services, and productive partnerships with States, Tribes, and communities.
The Doe FundThe Doe Funds mission is to develop and implement cost-effective, holistic programs that meet the needs of a diverse population working to break the cycles of homelessness, addiction, and criminal recidivism. All of The Doe Funds programs and innovative business ventures help homeless and formerly incarcerated individuals achieve permanent self-sufficiency.
The Eli Lilly and Company FoundationLilly unites caring with discovery to make life better for people around the world.
The Ex-Offenders Page of NETWORK, a Catholic Social Justice Lobby
The Federal Bureau of Justice statisticsTo collect, analyze, publish, and disseminate information on crime, criminal offenders, victims of crime, and the operation of justice systems at all levels of government. These data are critical to federal, state, and local policymakers in combating crime and ensuring that justice is both efficient and evenhanded.
The Good Men ProjectWere starting a conversation about what it means to be a good man. Want to join us?
The Hamilton Fish InstituteThe Institute focuses its efforts an analyzing and developing the most effective ways to prevent and reduce violence in and around schools; testing promising prevention strategies in rural, suburban and urban schools grappling with violence; and disseminating its findings throughout the country to assist other policy makers, states, schools, police departments, teachers, parents and youths to adopt the successful strategies. The Institute performs rigorous evaluations of approaches and policies being implemented to reduce school violence.
The Howard League for Penal ReformOur mission is to support successful reentry from prison and promote alternatives to incarceration, thus strengthening the fabric of our communities.
The If ProjectInternational Association of Chiefs of Police official account. Serving the Leaders of Today, Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow. Organizer of #IACP2014.
The Immigration PostYour Trusted Source for U.S. Immigration News, Laws and Policies
The Innocence ProjectCase submissions are only handled by mail. This chapter only handles cases in which physical or biological evidence could prove innocence. Innocence Projects provide representation and/or investigative assistance to prison inmates who claim to be innocent of the crimes for which they were convicted. There is now at least one Innocence Project serving each state except Hawaii, North Dakota and South Dakota. Most of these innocence projects are new and overwhelmed with applications, so waiting time between application and acceptance is long. Wrongfully convicted persons should not be dissuaded from applying to Innocence Projects because of this, but should have realistic
The Jacob & Valeria Langeloth FoundationThe Foundations grant-making program is centered on the concepts of health and well-being. The Foundations purpose is to promote and support effective and creative programs, practices and policies related to healing from illness, accident, physical, social or emotional trauma, and to extend the availability of programs that promote healing to underserved populations.
The Joyce FoundationThe Joyce Foundation supports the development of policies that both improve the quality of life for people in the Great Lakes region and serve as models for the rest of the country. We invest in and focus on todays most pressing problems while also informing the public policy decisions critical to creating opportunity and achieving long-term solutions. The work is based on sound research and is focused on where we can add the most value. We partner with others and encourage innovative and collaborative approaches with a regional focus and the potential for a national reach. - See more at: http://www.joycefdn.org/about/our-mission/#sthash.TlI9zNWQ.dpuf
The Justice ProjectOfficial DOJ Twitter account. DOJ does not collect comments or messages through this account. Learn more at http://t.co/UROXMGq68v
The Messages ProjectOur CNN Heroes award-winning program allows children & incarcerated parents to maintain contact through video messages, ensuring optimal development. Est. 1999.
The NAACPs Criminal Justice Program
The National Center for Victims of Crime
The National Center on Education, Disability and Juvenile JusticeEstablished in 1999 through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP), and the U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), EDJJ was organized as a collaborative project of the University of Maryland, Arizona State University, University of Kentucky, American Institutes for Research and PACER parent advocacy center. EDJJ focuses on assisting practitioners, policymakers, researchers and advocates to identify and implement effective school-based delinquency prevention programs, education and special education services in juvenile correctional facilities, and transition supports for youth re-entering their schools and communities from secure care settings. EDJJ conducts research, provides technical assistance and disseminates resources based on the best available evidence. EDJJ provides consultation and professional development to education, court and corrections personnel at the state and local levels. EDJJ aims to improve educational and related outcomes for court-involved and at-risk youth, and to change perceptions about their capacity for achievement and success.
The National Juvenile Defender CenterThe National Juvenile Defender Center (NJDC) was created in 1999 to respond to the critical need to build the capacity of the juvenile defense bar and to improve access to counsel and quality of representation for children in the justice system. In 2005, the National Juvenile Defender Center separated from the American Bar Association to become an independent organization. NJDC gives juvenile defense attorneys a more permanent capacity to address practice issues, improve advocacy skills, build partnerships, exchange information, and participate in the national debate over juvenile crime. NJDC provides support to public defenders, appointed counsel, law school clinical programs and non-profit law centers to ensure quality representation in urban, suburban, rural and tribal areas. NJDC offers a wide range of integrated services to juvenile defenders, including training, technical assistance, advocacy, networking, collaboration, capacity building and coordination.
The National Resource Center for Family Centered Practice and Permanency PlanningThe National Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice and Permanency Planning at the Hunter College School of Social Work is a training, technical assistance, and information services organization dedicated to help strengthen the capacity of State, local, Tribal and other publicly administered or supported child welfare agencies to: institutionalize a safety-focused, family-centered, and community-based approach to meet the needs of children, youth and families. The National Resource Center for Family-Centered Practice and Permanency Planning is a service of the Childrens Bureau - ACF/DHHS.
The Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (OSDFS), U.S. Department of EducationThe Office of Safe and Drug-Free Schools (OSDFS) administers, coordinates, and recommends policy for improving quality and excellence of programs and activities that are designed to: provide financial assistance for drug and violence prevention activities and activities that promote the health and well being of students in elementary and secondary schools, and institutions of higher education; participate in the formulation and development of ED program policy and legislative proposals and in overall Administration policies related to violence and drug prevention; drafting program regulations; participate in interagency committees, groups, and partnerships related to drug and violence prevention, coordinating with other Federal agencies on issues related to comprehensive school health, and advising the Secretary on the formulation of comprehensive school health education policy; participate with other Federal agencies in the development of a national research agenda for drug and violence prevention; administer the Departments programs relating to character and civics education.
The Open FileFollow us for the latest news on prosecutorial misconduct and accountability.
The Pew Center on the States Public Safety ProjectAmericas prison population skyrocketed over the past few decades, largely as a result of state laws and policies that placed more offenders behind bars and kept them there longer. But proven strategies are available that offer a better public safety return on taxpayer dollars. Pew works with states to advance data-driven, fiscally sound policies and practices in the criminal and juvenile justice systems that protect public safety, hold offenders accountable, and control corrections costs.
The Pew Charitable TrustsThe Pew Charitable Trusts is driven by the power of knowledge to solve todays most challenging problems. We are an independent nonprofit organization the sole beneficiary of seven individual trusts established between 1948 and 1979 by two sons and two daughters of Sun Oil Company founder Joseph N. Pew and his wife, Mary Anderson Pew.
The Pro Bono ProjectThe Pro Bono Projects continuing mission is to provide free, quality civil legal services to the underserved members of our community. Our work today is as important as at any time in our twenty-seven year history.
The Real Cost of Prisons Projecta national organization working to end mass incarceration. Site includes comics, writing and music from the inside.
The Robert Wood Johnson FoundationFor more than 40 years, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has worked to improve the health and health care of all Americans. As the nations largest philanthropy devoted solely to the publics health, we have a unique capacity and responsibility to address the most pressing health and health care issues facing our society.
The Sentencing ProjectProvide technical assistance to develop alternative sentencing programs and conduct research on criminal-justice issues. No direct services to prisoners.
The W. Haywood Burns InstituteThe Burns Institute works intensively with local jurisdictions to reduce the overrepresentation of youth of color in their juvenile justice systems by leading a group of traditional and non-traditional stakeholders through a data-driven, consensus-based process. The Burns Institutes Community Justice Network for Youth supports and strengthens community-based organizations that serve youth of color with advocacy, technical assistance and services. The Burns Institute also focuses on specific issues affecting youth of color in the juvenile justice system -- such as the juvenile death penalty, school discipline policies and mental health matters -- as well as on international juvenile justice concerns.
TheAtlanticPoliticsHuman Rights Activist, Advocate for Prisoners, and WrongfulConvictions
Thousand KitesThousand Kites is a community-based performance, web, video and radio project centered on the United States prison system - See more at: http://thousandkites.org/#sthash.MDngJ0a1.dpuf
Tim MillerFaith based 501(c)(3) non-profit inter/national Domestic Violence/Abuse program for women and children. Founder/President is author and topic speaker.
Tina ChiuDirector of Technical Assistance & Cost-Benefit Analysis Unit at the Vera Institute of Justice
Tom TempletonThe National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice was founded in 2001 to provide a national focal point aimed at improving policies and programs for youth with mental health disorders in contact with the juvenile justice system. As research in this field grew, it became apparent that the vast majority of youth not only have diagnosable mental health disorders, but more than half meet criteria for co-occurring substance use disorders. - See more at: http://www.ncmhjj.com/about-us/overview/#sthash.6CnjO6jH.dpuf
U.S. Marshall
UCC OC Inc.The United Church of Christs media justice ministry, the Office of Communication, Inc.
Ulrich BoserWrite abt social issues, education, crime, etc. Fellow at @amprog. Author of The Gardner Heist (2009), The Leap (Sept 2014), Learning to Learning (Forthcoming)
University of Texas - School of Social Work - Institute for Restorative Justice and Restorative DialogueThe Institute for Restorative Justice and Restorative Dialogue (IRJRD) seeks to build a national mindset that embraces restorative justice principles. Its mission is to advance meaningful accountability, victim healing and community safety through the use of restorative justice solutions to repair the harm related to conflict, crime and victimization.
Victim Offender Mediation Association (VOMA)
Victim Offender Reconciliation Program
VictimsofTeenKillersWe are the National Organization of Victims of Juvenile Murderers (NOVJM) Community, Support and Advocacy for the Families of Victims of Juvenile Murderers
VictoriaLawFreelance writer & editor. Author of Resistance Behind Bars: The Struggles of Incarcerated Women and co-editor of Dont Leave Your Friends Behind.
Volokh ConspiracyLaw professor blog at the Washington Post
Volunteers of AmericaDedicated to helping those in need rebuild their lives and reach their full potential through providing emergency services and resources to ex-offenders and their families. Services include employment training, technical assistance, bus tokens, clothing, tools, food, etc. Please visit the website to find one of their 40 offices throughout the country.
VotersTrustBuilding a foundation of trust.
Ward ConnerlyFounder of the American Civil Rights Institute. Author of Creating Equal: My Fight Against Race Preferences.
We The PeopleWere the people, and were here for our country.
Wheels of The SystemFinding Community Solutions through Shared True Life Justice System experiences, including Incarceration Stories
Women and Prison: A Site for ResistanceWomen and Prison: A Site for Resistance makes visible womens experiences in the criminal justice system. Documenting these stories is integral to this project of resistance. The stories are supported by a collection of resources, such as organizations, reports, essays, and links to a wide range of information on women and prison. The contents of this website are fluid and constantly changing. We expect to add stories, articles and resources on a regular basis. Your feedback and contributions are welcome.
Workshop In Business Opportunities
WorldJusticeProjectWe help build the #TeaParty nationwide! Limited Federal Government, Individual Freedoms, Personal Responsibility and Free Markets
WorldWithoutTortureGlobal #humanrights community for all who share the dream of World Without Torture, from the umbrella body for #torture rehab centres worldwide, the @IRCT.
YTFG JJ Work GroupThe YTFGs Juvenile Justice Work Group comprises grantmakers who fund systems and programs to help youth make a successful transition to adulthood by age 25.
Young in PrisonYoung in Prison presents incarcerated children worldwide with a new chance. Using creativity and sports we work on life skills and a future in freedom.
Youth Courts IntlPromoting young peoples access to justice through youth courts as an pro-social, justice system alternative.
Youth Law CenterHandle major institutional and class action cases on behalf of juveniles only. Cannot assist individuals. Issues include conditions of confinement, special education up to age 22 and treatment of juveniles in adult correctional facilities
YouthAdvocateProgramInternational non-profit committed to deinstitutionalization and providing community-based alternatives via direct services, policy change and advocacy.
chloe cockburnCivil rights lawyer at the ACLU working to end mass incarceration. Occupier. Painter. Opinions my own.
cogrannieborn in KY, ret. nonprofit manager & mil. wife, grandma, love piano, reading, volunteering (hospice, Native Americans, homeless, incarcerated, Obama 2012)
deborah jiang-steinAuthor of PRISON BABY: a memoir from Beacon Press. http://t.co/SP4Yoz7V92 Coming to a city and prison near you. http://t.co/F6jWZvs84G
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