H.R.3382 – Smart Sentencing Act of 2013

hr3382The Smarter Sentencing Act was introduced in October of 2013 by U.S. Representative Raul R. Labrador (R-Idaho), would drastically lower the prison population currently serving time for minor drug offenses. Here are some of the key elements:

  • Do away with many mandatory minimums for drug offenses, specifically if the convict is not a habitual offender.
  • Allows for convictions involving crack cocaine to be evaluated as equivalent to powder cocaine.
  • Reduces mandatory minimums for manufacturing, distributing, dispensing, possessing, importing, or exporting specified controlled substances.

This Bill would go a long way towards mending racial disparities often noted in drug sentences; it would also reduce overall costs while lowing the incarceration rate.

Cosponsors of H.R.3382