S.1783 – Federal Prison Reform Act of 2013

s1783The Federal Prison Reform Act of 2013, introduced by Senator John Cornyn (R-Texas) in December 2013, directs the Attorney General to:

  • Develop a Post-Sentencing Risk and Needs Assessment System for use by the Bureau of Prisons
  • Develop recommendations regarding recidivism reduction programs and productive activities
  • Conduct ongoing research and data analysis to determine the best practices regarding the use of assessments and tools, and which recidivism reduction programs are the most effective.
  • Review the system detailed above and all research to determine if changes should be made.
  • Assess and assign prisoners based on risk and offer appropriate tools and rewards based on their placement.
  • Optimally, transfer inmates to pre-release custody when improvement is shown through use of recidivism programs.

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