John Oliver’s Satire Illustrates Prison Reform Needs

John Oliver, formerly of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, has a new show on HBO, Last Week Tonight, and they dedicated a remarkable (and hilarious) 17-minutes to critique prisons and show the need for prison reform. It’s perhaps the most entertaining way to get acquainted with the issues!

In the video, he:

  • Shows how minorities are affected out of all proportion with their portion of society
  • How the United States has 2,000,000 prisoners at the moment, even more than China
  • How even Sesame Street has been forced to deal with the issue, it being so common
  • How mandatory minimums for drug offences causes longer-than-necessary sentences
  • The condition of prisoners in solitary confinement
  • How nonviolent offenders can be handled separately from more serious offenders
  • How a significant fraction of offenders are subjected to rape
  • How cost cutting at prisons is done with little regard to prisoner conditions

All done with the usual intelligent comedy we expect from such spoof news shows.

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