The Shame of Our Prisons: New Evidence

Prison rape statistics have always been taken with a grain of salt by prison officials. Many believed that inmates were making the stories up; others conceded that these crimes did take place, but they were the exception rather than the rule. However, as Just Detention International explains, two recent Bureau of Justice Statistics studies show that even when asked anonymously, prisoners still report that rape by both other inmates, as well as by guards, takes place at an alarming rate.

The study methods and consistency of results indicate that this data is accurate, with the same risk factors and patterns of abuse being shown throughout our prison system. The studies were not only conducted in adult facilities, but in juvenile detention centers as well, which makes the findings even more troubling. The article shares in-depth analysis based on race, gender, and age.

Unfortunately, collecting and sharing these statistics is only half the battle. Now that these findings have come to light, how can the prison system curb these sexual assaults?

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